Pattern Review: Simplicity 8257

Soooo, this pattern *says* it has 3″ of wearing ease at the waist. I call bullsh*t. It does not. I found out too late when I went to do my first fitting that there is no ease. I double and tripled checked my measurements after trying it on, hoping it was my mistake, nope. I then measured the dress (before letting out seams) and there was no ease. Or at least when sewing a larger size. To say I am frustrated with having a cute but too small dress is an understatement.

I *was* able to take out enough of the seams to make the dress comfortable to wear on my “skinny days.” So at least it is not a full waste, I will wear it, but only selectively.

Fabric used: Linen metallic blend for the bodice, cotton for the contrast band, and linen rayon blend for the skirt.

Photo: Nick Ferris
Photo: Nick Ferris

I altered the width of the hem, adding more from the waist so that the skirt has a bit more flow. The fabric I used needed that. I also added two single welt pockets, because pockets.

It’s a great design, but there is something amuck with the pattern sizing. I already have enough issues with my size, let alone when a pattern comes up too small even when it should have had ease. I guess that’s my lesson to measure the pattern itself before cutting. But seriously, why should we need to? This should be right from the beginning.

Meh. Cute design with a major flaw in the pattern sizing for the larger sizes at least. Steer clear.

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