Jennifer Glinzak

Welcome! As a self-taught seamstress I am perpetually honing my craft and seeking projects that challenge and better my skills.

I started sewing years ago on an old Kenmore from the ’70’s, and have come quite a long way to the production of the costumes and fashions featured here. Take a look at the blog where I run down the creation process for a project or the portfolios of my work to see the finished product. Please note that at this time I am not taking commissions.

Areas of Focus:

Specialty Costume Design & Construction
Couture Techniques
Light Leather Working
Women’s Formal and Casual Wear
Men’s Costumes
Expert Fittings


Cosplay World Richmond 2023: 1st Place, Masters (Pre-Raphaelite Zelda)

Otakon 2020: 1st Place, Intermediate (Sailor Mars, Co-Award with KatieandCatBlog)
GenCon 2019: 1st Place, Professional Category (Regency Vice Admiral Holdo, Co-Award with SaraGoBragh)
Katsucon 2019: Masquerade, Best Master Craftsmanship (Mother Gothel and Rapunzel, Skit: Rapunzel’s Birthday Wish, Co-award with SaraGoBragh)
FarPoint Con 2019: Masquerade, Best Master Craftsmanship, & Best in Show (Princess Anastasia, Skit: Once Upon a White December (Sisters), Co-award with SaraGoBragh)
AnimeUSA 2018: Best of Saturday (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Anna)
AllStarCon 2018: Best in Show “School’s Out” (Delinquent Merida, Group award with SaraGoBragh and AmberRaeCosplay)
AwesomeCon 2018: Best in Show (Elizabethan Coronation Anna and Elsa, Co-award with SaraGoBragh)
AnimeUSA 2017: Judges Honorable Mention for Fur Work (Ballgown Cruella DeVil)
Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival 2016: Best in Show (Steampunk Tinkerbell and Captain Hook)