RedThreaded’s 1860’s Gored Corset Review

Pattern Description:1860's Gored Corset sewing pattern, individually sized. These patterns are based very closely on historical extant corsets and patents, but the draft is our own, adapted to fit a woman of average modern proportions. Designed for steel boning and front busk closure. An instruction booklet is included with photographic how-to instructions in a mix [...]

Science of Sewing: Basic Stitches

Today's post is all about the basic and common stitches you'll need to learn to make your costumes! These stitches are found on almost every machine these days, so get ready for the 12 most useful stitches. (Note: though your machine may not have the exact stitch pattern, there is going to be something close. [...]

Iconography & Color Identity in Disneybounding & Cosplay

Disneybounding and cosplay run along the same lines when it comes to original design. Arguably, Disneybounding itself is cosplay-lite. They both have two very simple, but extremely important, characteristics that make the design successful or not: Iconography and Color Identity. Let's look at just the Disney Princesses as those are so often cosplayed and Disneybounded. [...]

Science of Sewing: Cutting Implements

Let's talk about all the scissors you might want or actually need for cosplay creation! There are quite a few, so I've broken them down here with their uses and place in the cutting world: Types of Shears and Scissors Dressmaking ShearsEmbroidery Scissors/ Thread SnipsPinking ShearsTailor's ShearsRotary CuttersHair Cutting ShearsThinning scissorsHair Razors Dressmaking Shears Dressmaking [...]

Fabric Selection 101

Beyond a doubt, fabric selection is the most crucial part of sewing - it literally is the costume. When I was a starting seamstress, my fabric choices were ALL over the place, especially for skirts, I used lining fabric, charmeuse, silky solids, and a myriad of completely inappropriate fabrics for the styles I was making. [...]

The Great Big List of Stuff!

Starting sewing is intimidating, especially when you're going through rows and rows of sewing notions in Joann Fabrics. I've distilled those walls into a list of the basics you'll need to get started and with the 'advanced' tools you will likely want to acquire over time if your needs call for them. Click on the [...]