Science of Sewing: Cutting Implements

Let's talk about all the scissors you might want or actually need for cosplay creation! There are quite a few, so I've broken them down here with their uses and place in the cutting world: Types of Shears and Scissors Dressmaking ShearsEmbroidery Scissors/ Thread SnipsPinking ShearsTailor's ShearsRotary CuttersHair Cutting ShearsThinning scissorsHair Razors Dressmaking Shears Dressmaking … Continue reading Science of Sewing: Cutting Implements

Making Fire

My 18th Century (specifically 1770’s) Charmander, aptly named “Le Feu du Charmander,” required a non-historical trim to create a flame effect. During the time period, fabric trims were, for the most part, various types of gathered strips of fabric or bows sewn onto the dress in artful, mirrored ways. No way would this work for … Continue reading Making Fire