The Great Big List of Stuff!

Starting sewing is intimidating, especially when you’re going through rows and rows of sewing notions in Joann Fabrics. I’ve distilled those walls into a list of the basics you’ll need to get started and with the ‘advanced’ tools you will likely want to acquire over time if your needs call for them. Click on the pictures for links!

Taking care of your machine is priority #1.

You’ll need to keep it properly oiled and continually remove lint so the machine action can work uninhibited. You’ll want to clean the lint out every 6-12 hours of sewing depending on your fabric. (I’ve had to do this up to once every hour for wool melton).

Sewing Machine Oil
Machine Brush

The absolute necessities for sewing: TOOLS

Measuring Tape
Dressmaker shears
Heat Erase Pens
Seam Ripper
Thread Snipers
Ironing Board

The absolute necessities for sewing: Notions

Glass Head Pins
Magnetic Pin Cushion
Machine Sewing Needles
Assorted Buttons

Basic All-Purpose Thread
Hand Sewing Needles
Assorted Zippers

‘Advanced’ Tools and Notions you may need

These items are situational and many of them have a singular use. But items like “That Purple Thing” and both types of clips can make your life much easier when in a pinch.

Bias Tape Makers
Two-Part Eyelets
That Purple Thing
Sewing Gauge
French Curves
Tube Turner Set
Hem Clips
Tracing Paper and Wheel
Tapered Awl
Beeswax Block
Chalk Wheel
Medical Paper
Colored Pencils
Rotary Mat, Cutter, and Ruler