Retro Wonder Woman

Not at all related to the movie with the oh-so-gorgeous Gal Gadot, but I had needed to make a post-apocalyptic version of a cosplay. Welp, Wonder Woman was on my list of cosplays I’ve wanted to do. So I did! The original styling I made has a tattered and torn skirt with a heavy gold belt.

But! I wanted to make a true retro version of her, hence why she’s got the fun crop top.  She needed to have a super vintage feel and I also wanted something crazy comfortable for convention going. AND I didn’t want to carry a lasso all day. Enter the lasso poodle skirt…

So I pinned down the lasso to the skirt…

Look at all that hand sewing!

I put a star at the end too! Don’t worry, I’ll embroider the edges.

And I gave it a fun bow back and exposed metal zipper!


I’ll post this lady soon, she’s slated for Saturday at AwesomeCon this year and I am ever so excited!