Le Feu du Charmander

🔥Hear ye! Hear ye! 🔥I give you the debut of Le Feu du Charmander!🔥 This beast was actually a joy to put together because I got to do a whole bunch of new stuff, including crazy soft trims, an insane wig, and a Dragon Scale Stomacher!

Silks – there is no way I could have pulled off the dress without the absolutely heavenly Clementine Dupioni (and assorted flame colored Dupionis) and the Silk Organza from Silk Baron. There are over 100 fabric flames adorning the skirt.

The shoes and the dress! American Duchess’s stunning Oxblood Kensingtons (that didn’t even need to be broken in!!!), the fantastic Simplicity pattern No. 8578 and the Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking.

The WIG: White Turiel From Arda Wigs. The coloring you see on the wig is all mica powder as the wig was constructed using the pomade and powder technique of the 18th Century.

Underneath this all, providing the shape and support are the bestest ever orange metallic 18th Century Stays I made from RedThreaded that I’ve now used for approx. 3,000 looks.