Ziegfeld Follies Elsa

Do you wanna build a snowman?

I originally created this work to wear at the Steampunk World’s Faire, so I gave Elsa the Victorian treatment. A steel-boned taffeta corset and a hobble skirt. The skirt is one of my favorites, I bustled the train with tiny snowflake buttons, used crushed taffeta as the lining to look like snow, and for the trim I layered long aqua chainette, white venetian lace, and topped it with silver chainette to add movement and weight.

The cape is made of snowflake organza and since this was a con bound cosplay, it is merely tucked into the corset so if it is stepped on, it won’t rip, but will just simply come off. This as saved this cape at least three times for sure. And the shirt is made of stretch embossed tulle – and I glitter bomb every where I go. 🙂