Winter Aurora

There comes a time in a cosplayer’s life when you finally give in to doing a full fledged princess dress. This is that time.

The idea for Winter Aurora came from a desire to wear a costume to Disney World for Mickey’s Holiday Party – one of two times in the year adults can wear costumes. Three of us got together and made our princess – I was joined by a Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Here are the specs for the cosplay you see below:
Cape: made from pink fleece (soooooo warm), fur, blue & white damask cotton, gold trim, tassels, and buttons.
Dress: made primarily of stretch velvet, then fur, sequin jersey for the sleeves, gold embossed pink mystery fabric from Joann, gold trim, and some more blue & white cotton damask.
Shoes: originally baby pick suede heels, recovered in lace with ModPodge (glitter of course added to the ModPodge), lace and peral trims, and vintage findings.

One tiny easter egg of the cosplay – the blue was strategically placed throughout the dress and cape (including a blue petticoat). When I spin, you can see the blue peaking through, so I can have a real life “Make it blue!” moment.