USO Girl: Singer Variant

While this cosplay looks super simple (and much of it is!), there are a bunch of very specific details and requirements to make the outfit screen accurate. When Sara Go Bragh said she was making the blue-skirt Singer variant of the Captain America Dancing Girls – naturally, I asked to join and we’ll have the third by the end of the summer! But we got ours done for the 4th of July – just in time!

Most of the fabric is simply from JoAnn – Casa Matte Satin. The skirt has 24 panels that are all knife pleated, with French Seams because I love French Seams. The bodice is based on a Simplicity pattern, but I added boning and cups to prevent the issue of a bra showing. The lapels are interchangeable with snaps. The bolero is full sequined awesomeness that had some pretty massive sleeve alterations. But the crown, the hat, is fully handmade with buckram and wire and felt and the whole nine-yards; and the stripes you see are hand-tacked ribbon.