SunsetDragon Mother Gothel

When I saw SunsetDragon’s Mother Gothel, I knew. I just knew that I had to bring it to life. So I did in the most ridiculous ways possible. Like hand cutting the entire hem detail, ironing it on, and the SEQUINING OVER THE WHOLE THING. I’m insane. But I’m also insanely happy with how she turned out!

This epic wig is an Arda Lindsay in Black with 3 sets of long wefts sewn in (Cool Dark Brown, Deep Brown, and Mahogany) to add even more fullness. The wig process was fun: straightened the whole thing, sewed the wefts in almost doubling the thickness, razored each sewn in weft to the length of the original fibers of the wig (ya know, so it’s natural), rope-braided the whole wig, boiled it, and then finger picked it to get the odd texture of Gothel.

The flower🌺 is sewn into the wig, is wired with electronics, which are in two pouches hidden by the hair – both those pouches are sewn in as well. Why the electronics? The flower is voice activated and lights up in different ways when Sara or I sing to it.

The corset is RedThreaded’s Victorian stays with alterations to the neckline and a fashion layer.

THE CAPE: “I cut it apart, to sew it together, to cut it apart, to sew it together.”

As Gothel is ancient, it stands to reason that she would wear a garment or two that has her collected history… So I made it have mine! This cloak represents my entire sewing career from ready to wear through to cosplay. There are over 15 projects in here, and many of them are not actually mine – they belong to the friends that cosplay has helped me make. But projects included: A host of Elsa’s, Anna, Merida, Tinkerbell, Sombra, Rowena Ravenclaw, Petyr Baelish, my husband’s wedding suit, the first jacket I made, Snow White, Harley Quinn, and many more.

Please enjoy the oodles of cartridge pleating and the years of history!

SaraGoBragh made Hannah Alexander’s Rapunzel.