Sunset Dragon Anastasia

For my birthday, my wonderful husband gifted me a commission from Sunset Dragon, an amazing artist and designer (and cosplayer too!). Naturally, it was a go big or go home moment, so I requested Anastasia’s ballgown with the single stipulation that she have a cape. Edna Mode be damned.

Almost all the fabrics you see were dyed to match the artwork. Beneath the sequins of the skirt is an ombre panel to give the gradient effect. The lace godets are dyed, as is their backing fabric. The scuba knit shoulder piece, gloves, and all of the yellow fabrics were dyed as well. Bless RIT DyeMore – seriously. The cape is made of velvet and satin, the stole of glitter chiffon, and the gold work is HTV applied to canvas: these are the ONLY pieces not dyed.

The motifs on the skirt are hand embroidered and sequined. The lace, motifs, gloves, corset, cape, and shoulder piece all have applied rhinestones.

The skirt and corset are self-drafted and the cape is heavily modified from an existing pattern. The wig is Arda’s Grace in Deep Copper Red with additional wefts and a curly clip. The necklace is made of ribbon, lace, beads, and a proper ribbon clasp closure.

The dress and accessories took 121.5 hours to create. She is my second heaviest costume to date, coming in around 13lbs. I love her, down to her flats. Glorious, wonderful, pearl-studded flats.