Steampunk Harley Quinn

“But Mr. J!”

So, the Sunday of Katsucon, GC-Chan Cosplay asked me to do a Steampunk Harley Quinn opposite her Steampunk Poison Ivy for a photoshoot the following Saturday morning. I rather foolishly agreed. So Sunday night I hatched out a design, and then I sewed from Monday to Friday (mind you I do work a 9-5) and finished the whole thing on Saturday morning at 1am.

The pieces: Bolero, Spiral Steel Corset, Skirt, Garter, and Belt all by me. Wig, Gloves, and Hammer by GC-Chan Cosplay.

In all honesty, this cosplay was a huge stretch for me in terms of character portrayal. I learned a lot about myself and about posing. I’m so glad I got the chance to make Harley!