Frozen Adventure Anna

I love Frozen. Especially the whimsical and detailed costumes of Princess Anna. The goats and bells of her Christmas outfit stole my heart and I had to recreate her down to every last little detail.

The base fabric is Dharma’s cotton velvet, dyed with regular RIT to the color formula Provence. From there, let’s start from the boots and work our way up:

  • The boots: painted with Angelus Leather paint, then topped with a clear coat containing fine glitter, and finally: red rhinestones. Because of course.
  • The skirt: The main time-consumer of the cosplay. The goats and bells were cut from felt and embroidered on. There is screen accurate embroidery on all of them plus a little extra with some beading. The ‘poms’ of the skirt are individually hand-made. Every. Single. One. There are three rows of 150, each row a different size – all lining up evenly. They were made like historic fabric buttons, then applied with pearl cotton thread and a sequin – for ‘extra’ reasons.
  • The belt: ALL hand-embroidered, beaded, sequined! I even got to try out Shisha embroidery! The total time for just the belt was roughly 25 hours.
  • The blouse: Embroidered placket and 3/4 sleeves, closures are snaps.
  • The jacket: Minky facing for the fluffies. The buttons are fabric colored to match the screen. Felt dots are embroidered on. Six individually sculpted clay bells are sew to the neckline. Pearls on the sleeve are in 6 sizes – with screen accurate placement.
  • The head piece is painted and glittered Christmas sprigs wired with red beads in two sizes.

Total time for this cosplay was 148.5 hours.