Autumn Elsa

When I saw Elsa come on the screen for the first time in Frozen 2, I feel in love with her purple ombre dress. It was just so stunning and clean looking with quite a bit of detail.

I made the dress of white cotton sateen, which was fully pre-dyed with the RIT color Formula Lupine. Once fully constructed, I added the ombre, building color on the sleeves and both the overskirt and dress hems to the final color formula of Amethyst. The belt is synthetic, so RIT DyeMore’s color formula for Purple was used.

Once fully dyed, then the fun began. My wonderful husband is a Cricut guru and cut the majority of the shapes you see on the hems, the back, the hands, and the bust. All of the vinyl appliques were made with Heat Transfer Glitter Vinyl for extra sparkle. Once the vinyl was applied, then came small amounts of hand embroidery and the profundity of glitter dots, made of gem tack and loose fine glitter.