Lady Tremaine

By now it should be fairly well-known that I am a fan of the Disney Villains. I am also a fan of insanely beautiful costume design – like that of Sandy Powell for the 2015 live action Cinderella. Lady Tremaine throughout the movie was featured in greens, and no outfit she donned was more ornate and flamboyant than her green ballgown.

I was crowned by HeroHair who created the most incredibly perfect wig to go with this cosplay. Their wizardry, expertise, and kindness are unmatched and I am beyond proud to wear their creation – it is an honor.

Let’s start with the jewelry. There are 7 pieces: necklace, 2 bracelets, earrings, feathered headpiece, and ring. The headpiece, earrings, and ring were created by sculpting clay, creating a mold, and resin casting. The necklace and bracelets required metal cutting/shaping of findings shipped from Belgium. The gems are also resin that was cast from sculpted clay.

The gloves were a beast. They are woven, and as there are no patterns available for woven gloves, they were entirely hand drafted. There were 4 iterations of the pattern before achieving the screen accurate fit. I have definitely saved that pattern for future use.

The dress. Here we go. All of the green fabric is 19.5mm silk charmeuse that was dyed (with Rit!). The front of the yellow layer is also 19.5 silk charmeuse that was dyed as well. All tallied, there is approx. 40 yards of fabric in the dress, a full 32 of that is in just the overskirt.

The dress is three pieces: bodice, underskirt and overskirt. The bodice is a corset base with the entire front section connected to the corset. At the side seam, the bodice detaches from the corset and becomes basically a vest that closes on the left side with hook and eyes – thus covering the lacing of the corseted back. The bodice was entirely hand draped.

The underskirt is a simple pencil – YAY!

The overskirt is a behemoth. It’s three layers deep (yellow, red, and green). There is also a bum pad sewn into the overskirt to provide more booty/ the correct silhouette. The front drape was created by using a fabric foundation sewn into the waist and used as a tacking space for the drape to connect to. The overskirt itself weighs around 11 lbs.