Gymnastics Rosalina

When your husband comes to you and says, “Hey, I’ve got an idea!” You listen. When he says it’s going to be your first body suit cosplay, you pause in fear. When you accept the challenge you think “What have I done?” And when you friend Sara Cosplays agrees to join in on the fun, you find the courage to be awesome.

I present to you Gymnastics Rosalina, based off the Rio 2016 Wii game. Seen as I’m ungodly tall, Rosalina is my girl. The suit is a Yaya Han pattern with edits to length, collar, and cuffs. The wig is an Arda Grace, with 3.5 wefts sewn in and then styled. Dear goodness that was a fun learning experience! The crown and star are foam with plastic ornaments painted on the inside to look like gems.