Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron is actually one of my husband’s favorite characters. One which I feel is vastly underrepresented in cosplay. I decided to do my own original take on her as if she had grown up into an adult princess. She is, after all, only 12 in the movie.

Here’s the technical rundown on Eilonwy:
There are a collection of handsewn pearl beads, glued half pearls and rhinestones, handsewn lace doilies (to echo her bobble), and gimp trim on the overskirt. There are approximately 50 repeats of the design along the front and hem. The underskirt features handsewn pearls and glued rhinestones. The bodice is fully steel boned and has both soutache and gimp trims. The sleeves on the bodice were sewn on by hand after the bodice was completed. This enabled me to make very small and controlled gathers with a whip stitch.