Photo by Olivia Jacob Photography
Photo by Olivia Jacob Photography
Hi! I’m Nick, a photographer in the Washington, DC area specializing in

  • Portraiture Photography
  • Costumery and Cosplay Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Glamour Photography

My photographic journey started in 1999, but I’ve recently expanded my ventures into semi-professional endeavors. Recent opportunities have allowed me to work with some of the most talented designers and models in the region, and my passion for photographing people in both posed and candid scenarios. My education and work in civil technology and hobbies ranging from designing board games to organizing events to participating in local government complement my photography provide a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary skills that reflect in the diversity of my work with a camera.

Though my journey continues in perpetuity, I value milestones along the way that give me the chance to capture and highlight the creative talents and innate beauty and joy of those I photograph. Whether you’d like to work with me to showcase your fashion or costumery skills, to build your own modeling or artistic portfolio, or to preserve a memory, I would be honored to participate in that process and work together to create something truly unique.

📧 nick@jennieandnick.com
👍 facebook.com/NickFerrisPhotos
📷 instagram.com/nickferrisphotographer