The Many Faces of a Cardcaptor, by Pockyjin Cosplays

When you think of the manga artist group Clamp, a few titles might come to mind. RG Veda. Rayearth. Angelic Layer. Chobits. Great works, all of them. But perhaps no Clamp series is so widely known and loved (and reviled for its dreadful Kids WB English adaptation) as Cardcaptor Sakura. Before Pokémon made you wanna catch ’em all, Sakura was chasing down her wayward cards week after week with a compelling plot and interesting characters, some of whom would go on to make appearances in other Clamp works down the road.

One of the preeminent Clamp cosplayers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working is Pockyjin Cosplays. Her takes on Cardcaptor Sakura and related Clamp characters are colorful and invigorating. You’ll find several versions of Sakura herself in her repertoire as well as a traditionally-garbed Meiling Li and a lovely Tomoyo-Hime from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. And I’m sure she’s working on cosplays from the new series Clear Card Arc at this very moment.

Pockyjin Cosplays
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