Current Projects

Photography as art.
Photography as story.
Photography with purpose.

I enjoy every opportunity I have to get behind the lens, whether it’s for more practical purposes such as helping aspiring models assemble portfolios or documenting the incredible creations of costumers, or for honing my own skill and technique. But some projects hold a special place in my own portfolio–projects that let me exercise a wide breadth of creative vision, fusing imagery with imagination, telling a story with pictures, and transforming the digital canvas into a work of art.

Here are some of those loftier projects in progress. If you see one that meshes well with your interests or creative direction, please get in touch and let’s work together to make something wonderful and unique!

Someday My Princess Will Come

What started as a labor of Disney love has begun to transform into an exciting series with all sorts of artistic potential. While it’s widely considered that the princesses always get the prettier, more fantastic costumes, sometimes you just want to kick back in a pair of slacks and rule your kingdom without having to tie up a corset. And wouldn’t you know it–the princesses appear just as regal and powerful sporting the garb of their princes… maybe even more so!

Future entries in this series will explore other aspects of famous fairy tale couples while challenging gender norms and focusing on both advanced technical approaches and innovative artistic interpretations.

“Someday My Princess Will Come” Project Page