Renaissance Rapunzel

On a Friday around 3pm, it was decided I was going to do Rapunzel and the amazing AmberRae Cosplay was going to do Ariel for the Sunday group outing to the RenFest.

Y’all, this entire cosplay – bodice (steel boned corset), skirt, wig, and flower crown were all completed in under 30 hours. Like from 5pm Friday to 11pm Saturday – blessed are the cosplay gods for their favor.

The bodice is Butterick 5935, made with metallic cotton, home decor fabric, ribbon, flower grommets, and some fun daisy lace I had in my stash.

The skirt is also a stash buster – it’s the same decor fabric from the bodice with lace medallions and the daisy lace. It’s a simple construction – two panels gathered into a waistband that ties on either side. Basically it’s an 18th Century petticoat.

After all the sewing was done, I added crystals for shine.

The flower crown was bought as a crown, but I added the thistles to fill it out because it was slightly anemic looking. The wig was a simple teasing and adding volume situation. Enjoy!