Regency Vice Admiral Holdo

When the NoVA chapter of the International Costumer’s Guild decided to do historically accurate Regency Era attire, I knew I finally had my opportunity (and excuse) to make Vice Admiral Holdo.

The costume is made skin-out; meaning the chemise, corset, petticoat, gown, shoes, wig, jewelry, and gun were all made by me. Yikes!

The corset is RedThreaded’s Regency Stays (I chose to make the long version). The chemise and round gown are based on American Duchess patterns. The petticoat was hand drafted.

Sewing up the gown (which is dyed muslin aka voile) took about 5 hours. The hem and center panel Rouleaux took much longer – about 45. The Rouleaux was handmade from bias strips and then carefully sewn to the gown to make it stand up instead of lie flat. The design is actually the bracelet pattern. The center front semi-circles echo her tiara.

Speaking of accessories: The butt cape mimics her draped back piece, the hand strung pearl necklace compliments the original neck drape, the tiara and bracelets are screen accurate. I did style the hair with curls and a steamer – just arranged them in a pretty way. And the shoes – originally jazz shoes with no soles, I added leather soles and a stacked leather heel after dying them to match the dress. The blaster is also screen accurate, with a lighted tip – this prop I bought already resin cast and then painted/ detailed heavily. Finally, the fabulous reticule made in period style with tassels and beads and the Jedi logo!