Queen of Hearts

“OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!” I was selected to be one of 25 designers to wear their look to the Cosplay Met Gala at Katsucon 2020. I’m super proud of this cosplay, which I actually wore on Valentine’s Day! Say hello to the Queen of Hearts and all her evil goodness.

Redefined by a silhouette reminiscent of 1950’s Dior and Charles James, the Queen of Hearts retains her eccentricity with a streamlined design. Her train, “Painting the Roses Red,” has a York and Lancaster rose garden merging into the Tudor Rose (made with satouche, handmade appliques, beading, and rhinestones). The jacket features two prominent flamingos that form a heart and are made of individual hand-painted fabric feathers on large handmade appliques. The wig is an organic ‘braid-a-polooza’ with 3 to 7 strand braids arranged in a woven up-do. .