1790’s Early Regency Round Gown

I have somewhat fallen in love with these round gowns from the late 18th Century. They are more comfortable than PJ’s even! This particular round gown and open robe have a somewhat peculiar past: they are made completely of recycled or re-gifted fabrics. Let’s see what I mean here:

Starting with the petticoat and the lining for the round gown we have bright orange broadcloth that was originally intended for an Anna cosplay. Once that cosplay was scrapped, this dress found a use for it.

The round gown itself is made from heavy rust chiffon that was gifted from a friend who was gifted the fabric from a friend who’s theatre was purging. Talk about a crazy chain of ownership.

My personal favorite of the recycled is the open robe. ALL that velvet is leftover from Arwen. Because of how inefficient and wasteful the Arwen pattern was, I was able to make this robe with some room to spare. I did cheat a bit in that I had about a yard extra of the velvet that I didn’t use in Arwen, that makes up the center back panel. The rest? all remnants from Arwen.

I hope you enjoy this one, it’s certainly one of my favorites!